DAA:SBV is a very small game about four cat girls playing some rad volleyball on Toxic Beach. They were originally meant to be zombies, but then again, I started with the name, and it was too funny to me not to develop it.  So this game is pretty minimalist in its graphics, mechanics, and music because it's going to be contained as a minigame within a larger upcoming game project I'm working on. The gameplay is basically Pong with two paddles on each side, which I figure is a good scope for a minigame, but with enough decent polish to start my portfolio here. Things can only get better. Like hey, at least I finished making something. That honestly feels pretty good.

So this game's got a one-player mode (A and D) and a two-player mode (A and D and also left and right arrow keys), and the menu is W, S, and Space. Only the active girls can hit the ball. Periodically the active girls will switch. First side to 10 points wins.

Hope you enjoy it, have a great day.


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Oldschool art style is nice and the control of 2 players with 1 button is really interesting :)